• EdViCon Multiplier Event June 26-27th 2023
    Marseille, France To conclude the first year of the EdViCon project, partners attended the first Multiplier event on June 25-27th 2023 at Aix-Marseille University (AMU) in Marseille, France. The 11 participants were excited to finally meet in person after a year of online meetings and coordination.  During the conference hosted by Aix-Marseille University under the facilitation of Maria Antonietta Impedovo, PhD, and Associate Professor Md Saifuddin Khalid, partners were invited to share the preliminary findings of R2. Over two days, partners and external participants shared their experiences and learnings from in-class observations and participatory interviews focusing on gathering trans-national data
  • EdViCon Multiplier Event Europe June 27
    The event will take place on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, and will be conducted at Aix-Marseille Université, France and online via Zoom. We are delighted to extend an invitation to you for an upcoming academic event showcasing the preliminary results of the EdViCon ERASMUS project. This project, officially known as Portable Video Conferencing Toolkits and Online Applications for Engaging Learning Experience Design in Higher Education Classroom, has been underway since 2022 and is scheduled to conclude in three years. The collaboration involves seven universities and two private organizations from different parts of the world, namely: Registration To ensure your participation,
  • MFU Education Reformation Day
    ‘MFU (Mae Fat Luang University) education Reformation’ day is an annual activity. Every year teachers at MFU join the activity to listen to an inspirational speech for a trendy education direction. In September 29th 2022,  MFU learning innovation institute by Dr.Nikorn Rongbutsri led MFU teachers to have a brainstorm session to let the teachers to reflect the problems regarding the use of technology in the classroom especially the use of teleconference tools which was a part of EdViCon ERASMUS project. Dr. introduced a brainstorming method called tree analysis. The analysis technique is to use a tree image as a structure
  • Engagement in Large Classrooms: Online or Face-to-Face
    The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has taken strategic initiatives to increase accessibility and engagement in educational activities through digitalization and offer the best engineering programs in Europe. The Erasmus+ EdViCon (Portable Educational Video Conferencing Systems) project together with the Danish DIREC project “Learning Technology for Improving Teaching Quality at Scale” contributed to reaffirming that “Lectures are very important” to the students of Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering courses. Students stated during interviews that they expect that the video conferencing systems, professors’ interactions, and opportunities to interact are critical in the case of both videoconferencing mediated and face-to-face classrooms.  To simulate a
  • Learning System Award 2023: uQualio awarded no.13/1000 LMS platforms
    The Craig Weiss Group places uQualio, the EdViCon elearning platform partner, as the 13. best LMS platform in a big comparison between a 1000 LMS platforms. Nonetheless, uQualio wins as the NextGen System of the Year! We continue to be happy to have uQualio provide their platform for the EdViCon training of education professionals. Read the full article about the Learning System Award by The Craig Weiss Group here
  • EdTech Denmark – EdViCon networking -and dissemination partner
    EdTech Denmark (ETDK) is an NGO and participates in this strategic partnership to lead the dissemination of the project. ETDK has previously collaborated with DTU in research and development with Danish EdTech professionals in academia, public service organisations, EdTech companies and e-learning service implementation organisations.  In addition to the overall dissemination, ETDK will part-take in the promotion of multiplier events, teaching/training activities and thereby contributes to the desired impact that the project seeks to achieve. Among the project’s multiple partners, ETDK holds the significance of a networking role. Through outreach to networks and communities, ETDK will ensure good dissemination of
  • Which collaboration between research and field around hybridization? 
    Teacher-researcher collaborations are generally joint in the context of research based on co-design. Indeed, researchers are increasingly called upon to collaborate with school stakeholders to design and conduct research.  The Covid-19 situation has shown the need for teachers to quickly develop and acquire new technological and pedagogical skills, as current events in the field show.  At the same time, educational research focuses on analyzing the changes that have taken place in teaching and learning practices in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. At Aix-Marseille University (AMU), we consider the interesting experience resulting from the collaboration between teachers and researchers for
  • uQualio awarded eLearning Platform of the Year 2022/2023
    The EdViCon eLearning Platform partner, Uqualio, has been awarded the eLearning Platform of the Year 2022/2023 by the Corporate Lifewire Global Awards. Over 90.000 businesses, professionals, magazine contributors and subscribers to Corporate Lifewire were invited to nominate companies and individuals that is experienced to championing in learning technology. From the shortlist of nominees that is based in service, experience, innovation and sustainability, Uqualio was chosen as the winner 2022/2023. We are happy that Uqualio is part of EdViCon to enable the project’s training for using video conferencing. The Corporate LiveWire is committed to provide business professionals in the corporate sector
  • Video conference support services at NTNU
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is Norway’s largest University. This also includes several support services and innovative and internationally renowned projects. On September 1st, EdViCon was allowed to visit and talk to two of the people involved in making NTNU a modern and high-tech university also when it comes to video conferencing systems.  Fredrik Haugdal works as a project manager and AV-expert at Centre for Educational Support. EdViCon visited him at the most equipped laboratory for video conferencing in the city of Trondheim. The media lab looks like a TV-studio, and functions like one as well, except it is
  • XR eLearning Technology for training employees to use technology
    The video eLearning platform uQualio, is the business partner of the Erasmus+ EdViCon project where the toolkits will be presented and taught at the end of the project. uQualio has been a part of the MADE ‘Learning Factory’ project in which VIA University College and MADE – Manufacturing Academy Denmark have experimented with a number of digital learning technologies – Argumented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Assisted Reality – for training employees in production companies.  Fresh from the project comes a set of results gauging the pros and cons of investing in the different technologies. The market for learning technologies
  • EdViCon Kick-Off Meeting
    The project kick-off meeting was held via Zoom during 0800-1100 Central European time on March 10, 2022. All the central roles: researchers, managers, and administrative roles participated in the meeting.