EdViCon research/learning activities

MFU Education Reformation Day

‘MFU (Mae Fat Luang University) education Reformation’ day is an annual activity. Every year teachers at MFU join the activity to listen to an inspirational speech for a trendy education direction. In September 29th 2022,  MFU learning innovation institute by Dr.Nikorn Rongbutsri led MFU teachers to have a brainstorm session to let the teachers to reflect the problems regarding the use of technology in the classroom especially the use of teleconference tools which was a part of EdViCon ERASMUS project. Dr. introduced a brainstorming method called tree analysis. The analysis technique is to use a tree image as a structure to draw the relationship between problems, their causes and their impacts. Tree analysis helps participants to elaborate their ideas to visualize and reflect on the problem in a proper structure. The participants were put into four groups following an introduction. Participants were teachers from different disciplines in MFU. Each group delivered a diagram of tree analysis then they presented to one another. Dr Nikorn also conducted interviews as a follow up of the teachers. The data from tree analysis and the interview will be later processed to find insights to improve the use of technologies in the classroom.

Author: Nikorn Rongbutsri, Mae Fat Luang University, Thailand